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As defined, “A principle, aim, or movement to which one is committed and which one is prepared to defend or advocate”.  We believe there is a Cambrian explosion in Robotics and our children are ill-prepared in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).   We also believe that students need to be inspired and have fun via hands-on or project based instruction to experience a knowledge transfer in the shortest amount of time in order to acquire these future-proofing skills.

Community Robotics Learning Foundation & Santa Ynez Valley Robotics and Engineering Foundation

This 501c3 corporation is organized for educational purposes, specifically for the purpose and objective of promoting project-based learning in primary and secondary public and private schools in various communities, specifically by providing administrative, management, fundraising and financial support to science, engineering, robotics programs, teams or competitions for students of any age.

Your donation is going directly to either public/private/faith-based organizations’ robotics programs to promote Science, Technology,  Engineering and Math (STEM). The Foundation delivers Mentor-Mentee management services, Process Improvement Consulting, Off-season projects, Microsoft Office 365 for Education Solutions and Fundraising deliverables.   With respect to fundraising, money is gathered and distributed through different robotic clubs and programs based on a student/budget ratio impact metric.  Often the money is used for education oriented robot materials, kits or competitive registration fees from leading organizations such as FIRST or VEX.   For instance, FIRST, as discussed by Mr. Morgan Freeman and Inventor Dean Kamen in this video.

When you donate, you are increasing student achievement in the area of STEM using Robotics (Ground, Submersible, UAV, XUV) as a conduit.